Muck signs with Prostethic Records. Biggest news to hit the Icelandic metal scene since time immemorial.

Since the inception of the dissonant noise punk quartet Muck, it’s members have been known for their unwearyingness and incessant work ethic and have played concerts and appeared at art performances at such an unrelenting pace that one could be duped into thinking they have access to a bottomless pit of art funds.  Their never ending string of performances have often bordered on market saturation, but they’ve hit foreign shores with full force as well, in their insatiable urge to make their art and their passion heard by every ear that knows how appreciate musical over-zealousness and a extreme stage performances.

The fruits of their labor haven’t always been easily picked and the band hasn’t been reaping as they have sown. But the ways of Satan are mysterious, and after a brief and hilarious turn of email events, Muck recently wound up with a record deal in their laps with the biggest metal label that an Icelandic band has ever been associated with- Prostethic Records. The contract consists of an international release of a full-length album with the option of two more, should sales and visibility following their debut call for them  The label is widely known in the metal world and the band’s members are duly honored with the stamp of approval conferred by a deal with such a giant.

The youngster’s Prostethic Records debut, aptly named “Your Joyous Future”, was recorded during a rather short live session a little over a year ago, but the deal that was to follow, although offered in the blink of an eye, entailed quite a long period of negotiation and the tying of loose ends that obviously need resolving in these instances.

The album drops internationally this coming February and a European tour as an opening act will likely follow in March and April, but the lads aim to hit the European market with a vengeance during the summer. With future plans yet to be cemented, the band feels it’s likely they’ll relocate abroad to facilitate their goal of making music their full time profession, with Berlin as their prime candidate.  The American market also holds much allure, as the yanks have welcomed Muck with open arms during their cross Atlantic treks, as they are Muck’s kind of crowd, although a steep cost of entry into that market may prove an insurmountable hurdle.

It surely seems like 2015 will be the year of Muck, so keep your eyes peeled and make sure to show up early to future Muck shows, as they will be standing room only.

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